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A short description of Nederlands Bureau Motorrijtuigverzekeraars (Dutch Motor Insurers’ Bureau or Green Card Bureau). Nederlands Bureau Motorrijtuigverzekeraars is an organization of which all motor insurers, active on the Dutch market, are members. Their contribution finances a large part of the work of the Bureau. The Nederlands Bureau has to make sure that accidents caused in the Netherlands are dealt with according to Dutch law and regulations. When a Dutch vehicle causes damages in another country participating in the green card system, the Nederlands Bureau must ensure that the damages are paid.

Accident in the Netherlands
For an accident in the Netherlands for which a Dutch vehicle is responsible you can contact the information center in the country of the victim as long as he lives in a EU country, or in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.
The Dutch insurance company has nominated a representative in each of these countries, and they will deal with the accident. The local Information Centre (see links) can provide the details of this representative.
The representative can also be found under "Representatives". You need to know the name of the Dutch insurance company.

Accident with a Dutch vehicle outside the Netherlands
If a Dutch motor vehicle causes damage to a car or other possessions, the owner can contact his National Green Card Bureau (for an accident in his own country) or the Information Centre (for an accident in another country). They have the information of the representative of the Dutch insurance company to whom one can submit the claim. If there is no representative, please follow the instructions of the Green Card Bureau or the Information Centre. 
You can also search for a representative under "Representatives".
If you do not know the insurance company, you can also contact the Green Card Bureau or Information Centre (see links). They can start an investigation to find out the insurance details of the Dutch vehicle.

Find representatives
On this page you can search for the correspondent or representative of a Dutch insurance company in your country. 
Please note that for accidents outside your own country only insurers in the EU countries and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein nominated a representative. For insurance companies from other countries you will need to contact the company directly.

Find the insurer of a Dutch registration number
This part of the website is only available for green card bureau and information centers. You can ask for an account through the e-mail address [email protected]
Please enter the site through this link: Find insurer: insurersnlbureau.vereende.nl

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